Effective since January 1, 2009 US Citizens need a valid passport to enter into Canada.

Welcome to Canada's Premiere Waterfowling Adventure! Thank you for showing interest in hunting with our team of professional guides and top-shelf callers. We are currently taking reservations for the 2018 season...

My name is John Cristinziani and I am the founder and operator of Magnum Hunts, a well recognized hunting club located in South Eastern Ontario, Canada. Established since 1985, we are the longest operating outfitter in the province of Ontario specializing in Canada goose hunting. Our exclusive territory runs along the St-Lawrence River as we do most of our hunting between 2 Federal refuges which hold in excess of 20,000 local Canada geese and well over 100,000 birds during the peak migration period.

WHAT SETS US APART: Like any other professional guide would do for his clients, we scout persistently on a daily basis. But on the rare occasion where we cannot find a “hot” field for the next morning’s hunt, we can always rely on the properties that we own or lease to save the day. We intensely manage several thousand acres of prime "goose real-estate" for the sole purpose of hunting. From barley, wheat, beans and hay fields in the early season to high protein corn during the late season, you will be positioned in the best possible location for a successful hunt.

Several man-made ponds have been created and much of the marsh land has been improved to promote waterfowl attraction especially for the nesting season.
We strictly hunt our properties on a rotation system therefore minimizing the pressure on our birds.

The adventure begins in early September and runs through into late December. Whether shooting mallards from a flooded field or decoying giant Honker's to the sounds of the calls, all aspects of your hunt are organized to provide you with the best possible experience.

Most of our hunters are repeat clients who have established personal friendships with us over the years. They come from all over the world as we have gained a reputation for exceeding expectations on every hunt. Some of the very best in the industry have hunted and filmed with us. Names such as Fred Zink, Field Hudnall, Tom Knapp, Shawn Stahl, Jose Boily, DestinationX etc…have all shared days in the field with us.

We only shoot decoying birds as most of our shots are inside of 20 yards. We like to shoot geese UP CLOSE as this eliminates the loss for cripples and provides for some top-quality gunning. Our unique area holds a very high volume of both local and migrating waterfowl therefore providing ample opportunities for a successful hunt.

Hunts are from sunrise to 11:00AM. We mostly field hunt and our equipment is consistently rated by sports writers as top notch and very up to date. This equipment is essential to insure the success of your hunt.

We normally host parties of four to five hunters (usually 4). As an option, if you come with less than 3 hunters, you may choose to be combined with other smaller groups of hunters to complete your party. This allows for more time spend in the field since limits can go rather quickly for the smaller groups. Larger size groups can be arranged by creating a customized package for you. A minimum of 1 guide (usually 2) will be assigned to your group.

NO OVERCROWDING - We only hunt 1-2 groups of clients/day, as this is the secret to our success!

With Canada goose populations on the rise, the hunting at our club has been graded World-Class as we make every effort to offer you the Waterfowling Adventure of a lifetime.

Deposits are due 10 days following your reservation. Reservations are honored upon receipt of your 50% deposit; we will then forward a written confirmation. Your balance will be due 90 days prior to your hunt. To better serve you we accept Visa and MasterCard payment.

Due to the seasonal nature of our business, our refund policy must be limited. Fifty percent of your deposit will be refunded if cancellation is received in writing before 60 days prior to your scheduled hunt. Thereafter, deposits and final payments are non-refundable unless a replacement client is found. If you must cancel, we will make every reasonable effort to help you reschedule your hunt to an open date within the above mentioned time frame.

Not included: Gratuities for guides, Hunting Licenses, Bird Processing and applicable taxes. Hunters are required to take their birds back with them.