With an estimated Eastern Wild Turkey population of 100,000 birds and growing, hunting them in Southeastern Ontario has become a popular request from our hunters.


Already in its 3rd year, Magnum Hunts has been offering 1 on 1 guided wild turkey hunts with a 90% success rate. The season runs from April 25th -May 31st with a 2 bird limit/hunter.


We hunt the same grounds for Turkey as we do for waterfowl. This gives us access to thousands of acres of prime turkey real estate. Much focus and effort is put into scouting as this plays a major role in achieving our high success rate and ensures your chance at a big strutting Tom.

We often hunt on our very own properties over an array of green lush perennial food plots that we intensively manage for our whitetail deer herd. Turkeys love the high protein clover and peck away at the bugs and insects that use the undersides of those huge Imperial Clover leaves.


We never take out more than 2 hunters/day and you have the opportunity to book with us for the guided hunt alone or include 1st class lodging with excellent meals.


You will have the opportunity to hunt over the world’s most realistic turkey decoys as all we use are AvianX LCD’s (Lifelike Collapsible Decoys). All of our guides use high-end Zink turkey calls which are unsurpassed in quality and craftsmanship.